Here at Holly’s Meat Pies we take farm-to-table seriously. Dusty Williams of Broadleaf Farms has grown the bulk of our organic onions and potatoes since I opened my business in 2012, his farm is just down the road on the Nooksack River. For the past eight years Everson ranchers Todd and Michelle Beld of Meadow Fed Farms have been raising the grass-fed beef for our classic Beef Pasty, the cornerstone of our menu. I believe we all like to know where our food is coming from. It takes a special determination to decide to farm organically or raise grass fed beef. It takes a real commitment to the soil and an approach to farming that goes back to the way our great grandparents grew food on their farms.

I tell folks that the reason my pasties taste so great is because we use the best ingredients. Much of the year these organic vegetables come from Broadleaf Farm, Terra Verde Farms and Hopewell Farm but during the few months those supplies are not available I purchase from the Community Food Co-op in Bellingham. For ten years I have shared my passion for cooking with my desire to make a difference by purchasing from local farms.
It is for this reason local business alliance Sustainable Connections recognizes Holly’s Meat Pies (formerly Good-to-Go Meat Pies)for being an incredible example of how a restaurant can thrive and support other local businesses at the same time.