Washington’s Original Pasty Company

Meet Holly Bevan-Bumford, the creator of the best tasting pasty this side of Michigan.

My family is from Michigan, where the tradition of the Cornish Pasty is still going strong. We moved to Washington State when I was pretty young and I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the beautiful farming community of Everson. My love of baking started early on in my life, I spent many joyful hours baking with my grandmother Audrey, who taught me to make apple pies and cookies.

Juggling a busy family life I knew the challenges of trying to keep up with soccer games and school events, while still making sure to have a healthy quick meal for us. This helped me see a need for other busy families. A friend taught me to make pasties and the rest is history.

Holly’s Meat Pies combines my love of cooking with my passion for how food is grown and raised.

Everson Holly's Meat Pies

History of the Pasty

The Cornish Pasty originates from Cornwall, England. It was a hearty meal meant for the working miners as they mined for Tin. Buckets containing pasties were lowered to hungry miners. Holding the pasties by their thick crust edge the miners kept heavy metals off their daily meal. These crusts were discarded in the mine shafts as offerings to the local goblins.


Bellingham Holly's Meat Pies